Introducing my PA Posse' Series of one off dolls - by Bo Bergemann. PA stands for Post Apocalypse!
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Basically these dolls were inspired by all the novels I read. My son turned me on to Hunger Games, then I found Divergent. All about 4 years ago now and ever since I'm addicted to post apocalyptic novels. I love the female heroins, the fascinating scenario's, even sci-fi twists. I was recently invited to be a panelist at Comic-con 2014 and on the plane on the way there my son was reading a Rat Rod magazine. It featured a couple of fabulous doomsday (or after) type rat rods and I decided then and there I am going to make one perfectly scaled to my dolls and do some fabulous one off dolls on theme and take some really fun photos. So here are just the first few dolls debuting with me at Dollism 2014 in Buffalo, NY this Sept 19-21.
First up is Sage. I made her from my brand new Slim Mini MSD Adult sculpt - Juliet in brown sugar resin. Her wig is a fabulous handmade wig made for me by Sharon Burke. I furnished her with gorgeous handmade artist eyes and an original face up by me of course. Her outfit and weapons are literally found odds and ends just like someone surviving after some form of apocalypse would have to find and figure out for herself. Clothing and boots are as beat up as they would be in this daily fight for survival. She has one ear piercing in the lobe of her right ear and another in the cartilage of her left ear. Mainly teen agers and young adults survive the apocalypse in so many of these books I read which makes sense because older people and children are more vulnerable and less fit to survive for many reasons. Besides, the 16 year old who still lives in my head, can totally relate! Ergo the winning character/plot combo I've fallen in love with!
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I had fun with the bloody bandages but when you take them off she is unscathed with gorgeous body blushing and face up. So you could change her into a prom gown or wedding dress and another wig and she would be equally fabulous. This one is fully intended to be played with! I'm out of time and have to catch a plane but I will try to get more up on these first three dolls in my new PA Posse' art doll line up while I'm at MDCC before Dollism marks their public debut. I made their vehicle too. It's made from found things and will eventually become quite the doomsday vehicle in time for my art piece at Comic-con 2015!

This is normally the place to purchase in stock ready to ship dolls by original doll artist Bo Bergemann. All dolls shown on this website are quality resin BJD's completed and ready to ship as shown in the photos. However, I'm away at shows and a family vacation now through Oct 10, 2014 when I plan to be back in my studio. So I can not take any orders for or ship in stock dolls. Of course all the dolls in stock once again sold out quickly anyway. But I promise I'll work on getting some more back up in October for those looking for Christmas presents.
Dolls sell very quickly off this site so I've streamlined and simplified to better serve my collectors. Most of the dolls offered here are one of a kind. Yet when I put up Paypal buttons too often more than one person buys the one doll at the same time. So, from now on If you see a doll you want, simply use the Contact form to request an invoice. This way multiple people won't be trying to buy the same one off doll at the same time. When I get several emails for one doll, I will send an invoice to the first one who contacted me according to the time stamp of the email in my in box. I do offer layaway on any doll you see on this website. Simply let me know you want to purchase on layaway. I take a $300 nonrefundable deposit and the doll is set aside as yours. You have 6 months to pay the balance in full paying a minimum of $150 per month. I will ship USPS priority insured when your doll is paid off. No credit check or sign up required. So everyone has an opportunity to order one of these very special truly unique one of a kind dolls on this website.

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Bo Bergemann


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